Thermal Panels

Reduce heat loss

11 times stronger than glass

Blocks UV rays

Cost effective compared to installing new windows, can maintain the look of heritage windows in period homes.

Reduce condensation

Insect Screens

No more sprays for pest control

Colour coded to suit existing colours

Almost invisible once fitted

The most efficient, TECHNICALLY ADVANCED insect screens currently available

Unique magnetic sealing system

MagicSeal – an affordable way to keep your home warm


For the past few winters MagicSeal has been making Wairarapa homes warmer and quieter by offering an affordable and easy-to-install secondary glazing product.

More economical than traditional double glazing, and barely noticeable after installation, MagicSeal reduces heat loss through your windows as well as reducing external noise such as from traffic and decreasing condensation.
It also blocks UV rays, reducing fading of carpets, furniture etc.

MagicSeal is simple to install with no need to replace frames and architraves
and can be used on both wooden and aluminium windows and doors.
MagicSeal also offers insect screens custom made to suit any window and
colour coded to match your existing joinery.

The unique magnetic sealing system forms a complete seal so no insects can
enter your home. MagicSeal screens are flexible and use a fibreglass mesh
which is PVC coated to give enhanced durability.

The mesh is also UV treated so it won’t be effected by the sun’s rays.
Installing MagicSeal insect screens eliminates the need to use sprays for pest
control, keeping your home clean, green and a healthy place to live.

Our magnetic insect screens are the most efficient, technically advanced insect screens currently available on the market and come with a 12 month written warranty.

We can also install MagicSeal into commercial kitchens and buildings.

Does your commercial kitchen have opening windows ?
Have you been visited by the environmental health officer ?
Did the health officer require you to get insect screens on your commercial kitchen windows ?

We can supply and install insect screens to meet these requirements.
We supply insect screens and thermal panels for windows and doors for commercial kitchens, hotels, motes, restaurants, hostels, retirement home kitchens, cafes, pubs and more ...


Our screens give a 100% seal around your window due to the use of our unique magnetic sealing system and can easily be removed for simple cleaning, which is important to the kitchen environment.


Why noy get us to install insect screens to your windows and doors now and save on re-inspection later - enquire now.

The face behind MagicSeal is Carterton's Matt Ticehurst, a qualified joiner and builder with over 20 years experience in the industry.

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